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Many athletes who participate in the Futures tournament and the Gatineau National Bank Challenger travel more than 6 months of the year. Hotel rooms and restaurant meals are a part of their everyday life and represent quite a burden for them. That’s why many of them ask to stay with a local family while they participate in our tournaments. Staying with a host family allows these athletes to share special moments with the locals and discover a new culture in a friendly and dynamic environment designed to make them feel as though they were at home.

For the host family, this is a great opportunity to support an athlete in his or her tennis career. You also help support the development of local sports, become acquainted with new cultures and help these deserving young athletes continue their participation in tournaments while minimizing their financial burden. Who knows, one day you may be able to say that you hosted the current or the next world champion!

To become a host family, you must commit to providing the athlete with a private room, access to a shower, Internet and breakfast. You must also provide the athlete with transportation between your home and Parc de l’Île (Polyvalente de l’Île), where the events are scheduled to take place.

It is difficult to predict in advance on which dates the athletes will arrive and depart. It all depends on whether the athlete must first qualify for the event and then on how well they perform in their matches. Some athletes may need accommodations for 2 nights only – while for others it could be up to one week. Therefore, when filling the registration form, we will ask you to indicate which dates your accommodations will be available.

After we receive your application form, the hosting selection committee will examine all housing requests from our Challenger athletes and match them with host family applications. We will contact selected host families a few weeks before the start of the tournament with more information about our athletes, the accommodations they will require and to finalize the details.