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Date Price
Monday, July 15 gratuit pour les détenteurs de la carte Accès Gatineau
$5 for kids
$10 for adults
Tuesday, July 16 gratuit pour les détenteurs d’une carte Banque Nationale
$5 for kids
$10 for adults
Wednesday, July 17 and Thursday, July 18 $5 for kids
$10 for adults
Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20 $10 for kids
$20 for adults
Sunday, July 21 $15 for kids
$30 for adults
Passport for entire tournament $30 for kids
$60  for adults
GERIK HAPPY HOUR Presented by GERIK to the profit of the Gatineau athlete Mélodie Collard, ranked 46 in the world junior ranking. All benefits will go towards the Development Fund for Melodie to allow her compete around the world.

Date : Tuesday, July 16
Location: Under the VIP tent at the Challenger
Price: $20 for kids and $40 for adults
Ticket price includes the admission on the site, access to all matches, appetizers and a drink.

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